35 Website Content Ideas For Small Businesses

Website Content Ideas Small Businesses

It’s Monday morning and with the weekend cobwebs still firmly in your brain, you have to find the inspiration to gain your website some traction with great content for the week ahead.

As easy as it may be to write up 300 words on a topic related to your business, it isn’t an assured way of affecting your rankings in a positive way.

Sometimes it’s best to think outside the box and do more than the bare minimum to get ahead.

If you’re struggling for inspiration when it comes to content creation, there are plenty of ideas and sources that can help.

Inspiration Resources

Need to tune up your writing muscles? These resources below should be able to help with that. If you aren’t convinced, they’re all free!

Story Wars

Face off against other writers in a race to see who can produce the best work from a topic of choosing.


Insert a keyword and find a headline to work with from there.

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Choose three nouns and generate a topic based on them. Handy when you’re scratching your head.

Google Trends

Find out what people are searching for and see if you can capitalise on it with great content.


Find out what kind of content is really resonating with readers right now.


Struggling to stick to a schedule or just need reminders to produce content? Perhaps you’re collaborating with other creators? Here’s what you need.

Editorial Calendar

Shows your current schedule for content and allows you to set reminders for any upcoming deadlines.

Edit Flow

Helps you to organise upcoming content and the assigned creators; essential if you’re working with a multi-author site.


Take some of the repetition out of proofreading with this tool that allows you to find the mistakes in yours and other’s writing.


SEO is a daunting industry if it’s just you versus the world, so here are some ideas to help you collaborate with others and produce wins for the both of you.

Guest Blogging

Produce the same great content for other sites that you would your own and you will find that guest blogging is worthwhile.

Shareable Content

The more readers are inclined to share your work, the likelier it is that you will be able to gain some backlinks as it reaches a wider audience. Here are some ideas to make clicking that share button more tempting.


Everyone likes a good ‘Top 10’ – create one that is relevant to your audience and the views are likely to follow.


Platforms like Pinterest have popularised the use of infographics, so gather some statistics and produce something eye-catching.


Gather quotes from respected voices in your industry to reach a wide audience.


Whether it’s just you talking about the products you have to offer or you providing commentary on recent developments in your industry, there’s always an audience for video content.

Is X better than Y? Let your audience decide.


What’s been going on in your industry over the past week? Let your audience know.


If you have produced something you feel others should share with their audience or just want to send out a tentative collaboration request, there are plenty of ways to do just that.
Typos/Incorrect Information

Noticed a mistake on someone’s blog? Send them an email and open up doors to possibly work together.


Spend time on sharing your content by reaching out to a company/individual if they are mentioned in a recent post with a simple email.

This can be a tricky one if you’re on a small budget, but is a powerful way to reach an audience nevertheless. Think of email subscribers, most interesting comment and best guest submissions and reward those who stand out. Their desire to win might even result in a few shares and backlinks.


Controversy courts clicks. Here’s how you can go against the grain and produce work that garners plenty of attention.


Noticed that competitor X has slated subject Y? Write something to counter them, but obviously don’t go overboard!

Startling Statistics

The entertainment media loves to report surprising statistics. Utilise that same ethos for your content and generate plenty of views.

Reply to negative comments

Possibly the trickiest thing we have covered so far, but it’s usually advisable to tastefully rebuke negative feedback or concede that you might have got something wrong.


  • Prove an industry myth wrong and show off your knowledge at the same time.
  • Interview a respected voice in your industry and bring their audience with them, too.
  • Create a resource page with more information for your readers.
  • Write an FAQ for visitors that might need more guidance.
  • Produce guides on how to use your products.
  • Use something like Revive Old Post to make sure your older content doesn’t get lost.
  • Send newsletters at consistent times. Too often and you can lose subscribers, too irregularly and people can question why they subscribed to begin with.
  • Subscribe to relevant subreddits to find news and ideas. Reddit is the frontpage of the internet for a reason.
  • Join relevant Facebook and Google+ groups to research what your readers like to share and read about. As long as you contribute to those communities positively, people might appreciate you sharing your work with them too.
  • Find out what questions people are asking with Quora and produce a quality resource filled with answers for them to read.
  • Use quality stock photos to make your words pop. Places like Splashbase and Unsplash are fantastic resources. Best of all, they’re free with no accreditation required.
  • Tie-in your content theme with a popular movie, song or video game at the time. For example, many content creators are currently competing with each other to see how they can capitalise on the new Star Wars film. Although this particular example might not work for you and your niche, invest some time in finding one that does.
  • Create a free eBook. Everyone loves free stuff and especially when they come filled with an abundance of valuable information and insight they might not get elsewhere. The Lulu tool is great for this – creating eBooks doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • “Hacks”: create a resource page of essential tips to help your readers out.
James Brands specialises in the development of websites and applications at WilliCreative. He is also a proven SEO expert using the latest techniques to increase the visibility of both local and national client sites.

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