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If SEO campaigns are classed as the marathon, PPC campaigns are most definitely the sprint.

There is no better way to deliver instant results to your business than undertaking a PPC Adwords campaign.

Ads are displayed at the top of Google when someone searches for something connected to your business. For example if you were a caravan park, undertaking a PPC campaign would mean you would show up at the top of Google when someone typed “caravan for sale North Wales” as you would if you were a cake maker and someone searched for “wedding cakes North Wales”

The main advantage of PPC advertising, compared to the more conventional forms is return on investment. Instead of an expensive monthly or one off payment you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Within a well optimised campaign the cost of a click can be in pence not pounds.

Can you imagine people really interested in your products or services being directed to your website and it only costing you pence?

While in theory this sounds like a simple process, Adwords can be difficult to get right. This is where we come in and why you should use someone experienced to set up and manage your campaigns ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

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Website Optimisation

You only have a few seconds to convince someone they have landed at the right place when they click through from your ad, it’s important your website is fully optimised and convinces them.

We can advise during the consultation phase of layout, copy and general design changes that should be made in order to maximise conversions.

Keyword Targeting

We have access to various databases we use to uncover the most profitable words and phrases your potential customers are using to find the products and services your business offers online.

We are also able to analyse your competitors campaigns, uncovering which keywords they are targeting and having success with.

Keyword Bidding

We optimise all campaigns so our clients receive the cheapest cost per clicks available in the industry. Our strategy is based upon what your competitors are doing and out thinking them.

Audience Targeting

We determine exactly how your campaign should be targeted, focusing on areas like location, age, sex, device, day and time.


We are excellent at copywriting and will test several ad variations to ensure the highest possible click through and conversion rate.


We are able to track the majority of conversions and will provide detailed weekly or monthly reports which will outline where your budget is being spent and how that investment is converting into profit.

Retargeting Campaigns

Just because someone lands on your website and leaves without taking any action doesn’t mean they weren’t interested. In lots of cases, they just need to be reminded of your products and services once, maybe a few more times before they do decide to take action.

Our retargeting campaigns track visitors and their actions to your website, which enables us to serve them highly relevant ads that remind them about your business.

Our PPC packages are fully flexible and can be worked around your needs and budget. We offer affordable monthly payment options as well as one of fees. If you are already using Adwords but feel you should be getting a little (or a lot) more back from your investment we are happy to optimise existing campaigns.

Adwords alternative?

We can also provide PPC campaigns within Bing, Facebook and Twitter as well as being able to identify lucrative media buy opportunities in your industry.

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