How To Add Your Business To Google+ Local

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Adding your business to Google+ local or claiming ownership of your listing (Google may have already created a listing automatically for your business) is a great way to increase your online exposure.

As with many Google applications, navigating your way around the interface can be a little tricky at times, which is why we decided to put this guide together.

Submit Your Business To Google+ Local

To Start visit –

Get On Google

Select the blue “Get on Google” button.

You will be provided with the option of selecting a Google account you have saved on your computer or adding one.

Decide which account you are going to use and select or add the credentials.

Select Google Account

As mentioned, it’s possible that a Google+ local listing has already been created for your business automatically, to find it search by business name and address:

Business Listed

If you see your business in the auto suggest, select it.

If you don’t, select “Let me enter the full business details”.

Business Not Listed In Google

The next step is to either edit your details or enter your basic business information:

Add Business To Google

It’s important to note that these details need to be accurate.

Google takes it’s local listings seriously and incorporates various filters and reviews to cross check the details added in order to prevent fake and misleading information showing up in their search results.

Entering your business details as accurately as possible is also important for local citation building, which should be a part of any SEO checklist.

Your business name should be your exact business name, don’t try and include any additional keywords, phone numbers or email addresses.

For example in our case at WilliCreative we would enter “WilliCreative” and not “WilliCreative – Web Design North Wales” or WilliCreative – Email:”

Your telephone number should be your main business phone number, not your home, mobile or a call forwarding number.

While it’s beneficial to enter a business number with an area code that matches your location, it’s not essential. If your main business number is a mobile, then enter that.

The address should accurately describe the exact location of your business premises.

If you work from home then enter your home address.

You should never enter a PO box, virtual office or fake address. It will likely be flagged and effect your position in the search engines and possibly result in your business being removed from Google+ local altogether.

After you are happy with the details you have entered, click “Submit” where you will be asked to validate your submission by having a postcard with an authorisation code sent to the physical address you have entered.

The postcard normally takes 2 weeks to arrive and provides instructions on how to validate your Google+ local listing.

After you have validated your listing you will be able to add extra descriptions, keywords, images etc.

In many cases a basic listing will be enough for you to appear in the Local Snack Pack search results when someone searches for something related to your business services:

Local Snack Pack Example

In more competitive industries, you will need to complete further work to optimise your listing in order for it to show in search results.

James Brands specialises in the development of websites and applications at WilliCreative. He is also a proven SEO expert using the latest techniques to increase the visibility of both local and national client sites.

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