How To Steal Your Competitors Best Keywords

competitor keyword research

Wouldn’t it be great if you could magically uncover all of your competitors best keywords? Get data on the % of traffic each keyword is delivering to their website via organic search as well as PPC competitive analysis?

Well you can – SEMrush take a bow.

Unfortunately with anything this good you will need to pull your credit card out of your wallet or purse & tap in the details to the tune of $69.95.

You will however receive some functionality with a free account and can probably stumble upon a  free 14 day trial with an “SEMrush coupon code” Google search.

At WilliCreative, SEMrush is working around the clock. I mean why wouldn’t we use a tool that can provide us with so much valuable data in a matter of seconds?

Analyse Your Own Website

Before spying on your competitors, you may want to take a look at how well your own small business website is doing.

Head over to SEMrush + enter your domain in the search bar and select the main country you are targeting and wish to see search data from:

enter your domain

  1. How much organic search traffic are you getting?
  2. Is there a % increase or decrease?
  3. How many keywords are currently bringing in the organic traffic?
  4. If you are running PPC campaigns – how much traffic is that bringing in?

keyword analysis own domain

You will be provided with an overview of the amount of backlinks to the site. If you are serious about competitor backlink analysis and obtaining your competitors best backlinks I would use a more specialist backlink checker tool like Majestic or Ahrefs

organic keywords by country

  1. The organic Keywords bar displays the organic search distribution via country.
  2. You are also provided with an overview of search figures over a 4 year period – which is handy for uncovering massive spikes and decreases in traffic.

According to SEMrush there are a total of 1537 keywords bringing in organic traffic to this domain:

top organic keywords

Selecting the “view full report” option will present you with the following data:

website analysis

  1. Keyword
  2. SERP position
  3. Search volume
  4. Cost per click (CPC)
  5. URL of the page ranking
  6. Percentage of the total organic traffic.

Competitor Positioning

Ok, so we have uncovered some valuable data from our own website – now for the competition.

Heading over to the left sidebar informs us we have data for 2.1k competitors:

competitor KW number

Selecting this provides us with a competitors competition map – comparing keyword numbers and search figures with a hand full of other big players in the industry :

competitors competition map


    1. The organic competitors list brings back 2112 competitor sites – which is probably near enough every paintball website of interest in the UK.

semrush competitor analysis


We are provided with the following data:

1. Competition level – self explanatory

2. Common Keywords – The same KW’s the competitor site is ranking for

3. SE Keywords – Total KW’s the competitor site is ranking for

4. SE Traffic – self explanatory

5. SE Traffic Price – Estimated traffic value

6. Ads Keywords – Keywords the competitior website is bidding on in Google Adwords

Note that even though the site we initially analysed was bringing in organic traffic from 1.5k keywords, comparing the difference between common & SE keyword numbers tells us there are still plenty more opportunities.

common kw comparison

Common Kw’s

You can compare common keyword data by clicking on the number for each competitor site:

common keyword data

You are provided with a SERP ranking comparison of your own URL and the selected competitor website.

Are you being outranked for any major terms?

It’s important to note that the percentage traffic a web page in the number 1 spot recieves is far greater than that of number 2:

serp position percentage traffic

(Thanks to Search Engine Watch for saving me 10 minutes)

Not really true when kids say – “First the worse, second the best” is it now?!

Uncommon Keywords

What about all those Keywords my competitors are ranking for and I’m not? – Fear not, SEM rush has your back.

Selecting the enable charts option (far right) within any common Kw’s comparison page:

uncommon keyword comparison


Will provide you with a Venn diagram:

Venn Diagram


Clicking on the overlap which I have clearly marked! will display the Kw’s that your competitor is generating traffic from and you are not.

Competitors Top Performing Keywords and Content

By entering one of your main competitors in the search bar

And then selecting positions

Will display a table that includes not only the top ranking keywords of your competitor but the URL of the page ranking for that keyword

You can sort the data by search volume or traffic % and gain a great insight into the content they are publishing in order to rank for certain words and terms.


Selecting the best keywords to bid on in a Google Adwords campaign is just as important as selecting the best to go after in an SEO campaign.

Thankfully SEM rush provides us with some comprehensive competitor PPC data.

Selecting competitors from the advertising research tab

PPC keywords

Displays a similar table to that for organic keywords – only this time we are presented with PPC keyword data.

Note you get a rough indication of how much your competitors are spending via Google Adwords

PPC Keyword Analysis

Selecting the ads keyword number will uncover the ad copy, and the URL of the page linking too the ad.

view competitor ppc ad


That’s some pretty valuable information right there!

I cannot stress how important this tool and analysis can be to any SEO campaign.

I mean who wouldn’t want to steal all their competitors best keywords in a matter of seconds?

James Brands specialises in the development of websites and applications at WilliCreative. He is also a proven SEO expert using the latest techniques to increase the visibility of both local and national client sites.

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