5 Things You Might Not Know About Facebook Business Pages…


In the ever changing, ever improving, world of Facebook business pages, there is an abundance of tools and functions to help your performance. Here’s a round of up of 5 useful tricks that you might not know about…

Use Facebook as your Page

Using Facebook as your page enables you to comment, like and share posts and updates from other pages as your business, rather than as yourself. It is an ideal way to get your business noticed by becoming involved in conversation and sharing useful content from other pages to your own news feed.

The way to access this function has recently moved and been re-named, which has caused a little confusion among page admins. Previously you would simply select your page from the drop down menu at the top right of your screen, but this now only takes you to your page.

To interact as your page, choose the option to ‘See Pages Feed’ located on the left of your screen as below…


Watch Other Pages

Watching other pages from your ‘Overview Panel’ allows you to compare your performance to similar businesses and keep you on track, an element of the competitive is always helpful! It’s a great way to keep an eye on your competitors (and they won’t be informed that you are watching them).

You can see how many likes they have, how that number has changed, how many updates they have posted, and their levels of engagement all for the last 7 days.

To watch other pages go to INSIGHTS > OVERVIEW then scroll down to ‘Pages to Watch’. You can add up to 5 pages.


By clicking on the business name, you can also view their top post of the week, ideal for inspiration and ideas!


Set up Instant Replies, Out of Office and Greetings

A recent addition to the functions of Facebook pages, Message Assistant, enables you to send automatic replies to anyone messaging your page. This is particularly useful if you are not on Facebook throughout the day or are going to be away from the office for a while.

Set an automatic reply to let your customers know you will get back to them as soon as possible, or the date you are away until. You can even set up a greeting message which will show to anybody who opens a message to start writing which is a nice touch.

Go to SETTINGS > MESSAGING to set up yours…


Know When Your Page Fans are Online

By going from your INSIGHTS > POSTS you can find out what time of day your page fans are online. Useful for planning your updates and reaching as many page fans as possible by updating your page at an opportune time, toggle over the graph to see the numbers.


Scrolling down the page, you can also see the performance of your posts, and understand which attract the best reactions. This is useful for deciding upon future updates in view of which go down best with your page fans, engagement is key – the more likes, shares and comments the better!


Schedule Posts

Further to understanding what time of day your page fans are online, scheduling posts on Facebook makes it easier to plan what you are going to post and when. If you are not going to be around, or prefer to spend a little time planning and creating all of your updates for the week or month ahead in one go, then the schedule option is a really useful tool.

Create your update as normal, then select the drop down arrow from next to ‘publish’. This gives you the option to schedule and offers a selection for the time and date, you can also choose a date to stop distribution on your news feed if you so choose, which maybe useful for time sensitive offers.



I hope you learned something new that will help you to make the most of Facebook for your business! We offer a range of social media support packages and 1-2-1 coaching to support your business needs, contact us today to see how we can help you.

Carly is a digital marketing and e-commerce professional, specialising in online business development and design.

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