20 Brilliant Facebook Cover Photo Ideas


Your Facebook cover photo is the first thing people will see when they visit your Facebook page and it can be quite tricky to choose the exact right thing.

It should be something that conveys your brand and personality. You might want to include a phone number or details of your website or products, but the most important thing should be making the right first impression. It is a chance to be creative and add something eye catching that will help you stand out from competitors.

What you choose really depends on what sector you are in; a humorous image might not be entirely appropriate for say a solicitors firm or funeral director (yes there are funeral director pages on Facebook) BUT…. that said, a little gentle humour could be the very thing to show humility and make you all the more approachable.

I’ve scoured the web for my personal favourites, I do hope they help inspire you to think of something unique and memorable for your own pages…

1) Raaawwrrr

What better way to inject humour in to your Facebook page than by allowing your fans to see you about to be eaten by a dinosaur? Pretty cool idea, and great integration between the profile and cover images.

best-cover-photosCredit: coverjunction.com

2) The Eye Test

Who could possibly resist ‘testing’ their sight to read this message? Perhaps you could reveal a coupon code on the bottom line or some other secret giveaway. Simple yet compelling.

facebook_cover_photo_eye_test-851x315Credit: fxcovers.com

3) Being Bold

Pointing out the obvious yet it makes quite a statement…

hey-look-its-me-facebook-timeline-coverCredit: bestcoverpix.com

4) Airwaves

Combining the cover and profile picture is always effective, well done to KLM. Your profile picture is seen in the newsfeeds throughout Facebook and in my humble opinion should always identify your page by including your logo.


5) Queue

A great creative image combining brand with a fun cover photo concept.

chase-community-givingCredit: inboundly.com.au

6) ET Phone Home

How clever is this?! Eye catching and fun.

funny-creative-facebook-timeline-cover-16Credit: mashable.com

7) Fantasy Vs Reality

A great way to show off your creativity and give insight in to what goes on in your imagination…

Credit: creativebloq.com

8) Appealing to the senses

Who wouldn’t take notice of this scrummy picture? A delicious selection that’s eye catching and shows of the standard of the product

9) Just silly

This one’s a little daft, but if your product itself is fun then why not?! If you can feature yourself in the picture it is always a great way to appeal and make your business more personable.

10) Point it Out

This is a clever idea, add the image of your choice in the magnifying glass – your logo, a picture of the outside of your shop or yourself holding a flag?

images (1)Credit: www.nw-businesssense.com

11) Clothes Line

Simple and effective, this concept is a great way to show off products, team members or maybe posters and flyers.

creative-facebook-cover-photos-12_largeCredit: pinterest.com

12) Fan of the Week

Social media is always about engagement, and Dunkin’ Donuts are bang on with fan of the week on their cover photo


13) Clever

Great quote and concept for this profile and cover photo combination

14) Curly Straw

There is probably no brand more recognisable than Coca Cola, this curly straw picture is simple and effective.


15) The Whiteboard

This is a clever idea that could be applied to all kinds of scenarios … revealing your thoughts, promotions, mottos and doodles of your team or products?


16) Shooting

Not sure to how many businesses shooting applies to BUT it doesn’t have to be ducks and it doesn’t have to be shooting. Binoculars to look at a view? A chameleon style tongue snatching up cakes?

17) Who We Are

A great idea for the more serious business, introducing the team via polaroid snaps!


18) The Big Knit

Clever. Fun. Sums up the campaign in one image.


19) Beer anyone

Technically this one breaks my rule that your profile picture should include your logo, however Carlsberg is so iconic that this clever combo totally gets away with it. The profile picture is easily identifiable as the brand.


20) Pringles

Humourous and a problem most Pringles fans can identify with (although perhaps ever so slightly exaggerated)


I hope this collection goes some way to helping you think out of the box when it comes to your own cover photos. They don’t always have been be funny, and they don’t always have to be fantastically unique ideas but something that conveys your brand and your business effectively will help you stand out from competitors and resonate with your customers.

Carly is a digital marketing and e-commerce professional, specialising in online business development and design.

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